Why I Quit Younique After Two Years. NO It Wasn’t For A New Company.

Dinell Holmes

Housewife & mother of two. I speak gibberish, sarcasm & profanity, although I do try to filter the latter when I can. I'm a family, football, fashion & horror loving, geektastic fangirl mom with a slight addiction to video games & tattoos. I also have a raging case of anxiety & fibromyalgia so... Good times!

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  1. Jenn says:

    Well said! Very informative to know about The company. I know people always geared me to be a kit napper just to get me to sign up under them.

  2. Lisa says:

    I have a few things that I would like to say as well on this topic. As you Dinell know I was a Younique Presenter as well. You were a Presenter longer than I was, but like you I left. I just couldn’t try anymore because of several things. Here’s my short story:

    I had first heard of Younique back in 2013 because I had been messaged about the opportunity, but the girl was pushy and I can’t stand someone who tries to impose themselves on me. I immediately shut her down and never gave Younique another thought until I met Dinell and found out that she was a Presenter. We had connected and got along real well, so I decided to ask questions about the company and decided to hop on it and join because like Dinell I also suffer with anxiety plus I took care of my disabled husband and definitely needed some extra money. Let me say that I absolutely fell in love with their mission statement to Uplift, Validate and Empower Women not to mention I loved the 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara..(the orignal formula). So, yes I was excited to become a Presenter. Within the first month I had seen a lot of drama with other Presenters. One of my biggest issues was the fact that I had to show people I wasn’t a spammy, no tatic, drama filled presenter. LOTS of presenters are just that! They have no tatic and make other GOOD presenters look like bad! Let me share a little story on something I had actually gone thru. I had a friend on Facebook and we would chat here and there. Then one day she approached me asking if I was interested in doing a party exchange. She had told me the companies she was with and then asked me who I was with..and so I told her just Younique. She asked me if I was any other company..I said nope. She was very put off by the fact that I was with Younique. I asked her why she felt that way and she had told me that she had other Younique Presenters on her Facebook that were very pushy, some were very sketchy and not very nice. She also stated that they had groups and would just add her without asking permission which is so tacky! So, I completely understood why she wasn’t interested in doing a party with me. However, she decided to do one because I wasn’t like the other presenters she said. I NEVER once hounded her when we spoke, and she didn’t even know I was with Younique because I didn’t make it about the business when I spoke to her. When my friend sent out invites to the party one of the invites was to another Presenter and that Presenter tried to poach me…HOW RUDE! Where was the supportive sisterhood?? A LOT of people wouldn’t even give Younique a shot just because they had a very bad experience with a Presenter and I can’t blame them because when I was a Presenter I seen first hand how some of them can be. They don’t care about the customer…they just care about the sale! They don’t want to take the time to get to know you, they just want to message you begging you to buy from them. Like I said it was those kind of Presenters that make the good ones look bad, not to mention it makes it hard for the good ones to even make any sales. Hate mail was a daily situation for me due to bad Presenters.

    Another issue was the mascara forumla had changed, and I don’t understand why they changed it to begin with. The orignal was just perfect! With that change there were a lot of complaints about it drying out and becoming tacky. So, it made it real hard to even want to sell it to people knowing that it wasn’t any good anymore. Now on to the foundation…it was so good that they were sold out of almost all the colors for a long period of time which caused a lot of people to turn elsewhere. Then when they finally started restocking it seemed there was a new issue with the conistancy with some of the colors, like some of the colors were just too runny..(like water) and some even said the coverage wasn’t there. Then along came the self tanner which sold out as well pretty fast. Some of the reason that things would sell out so quickly was because of selfish presenters buying up so much product to have on hand. There were other things going on in the background as well that just gave me a bad taste. Things just started to go down hill very fast and with that said I got tired of the stress and decided to part ways with Younique.

    To this day I get messaged from random Presenters and they are still as tacky as ever. I told one girl that I had no interest in Younique as I was a Presenter and no longer supported them and all she said back to me was “well you can always just kitnapp….”……What part of I don’t support them anymore didn’t she understand???!!!???

    I know there’s things I’m missing, but I just wanted to share a bit about why I left Younique.
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  3. Angela Davis says:

    Wow!!!! I think you and the commenter went straight into my brain and pulled out everything I’ve ever wanted to say. When I left Younique in October, I was a Blue Status presenter. Not high, but not low either in the Y world… I was “average.” When I left to go to another opportunity which I have found to be better for me and was a business move, not a personal one, I was bashed left and right. I was criticized, belittled, told I was not loyal that I was wrong for leaving a company that helps women…blah blah blah. I could go on and on, but I wont. I am just glad I am not the only one who had to deal with this anger. I’m very happy with my new company because 1)they don’t care if I don’t use ONLY their products 2) I can actually do things my way (no more kitnappers, no more pushing, no more lying, etc). Thank you so much for your transparency!!

    • Angela thank you for visiting my slow blog LOL. I’m glad you found this. Unfortunately, I hear the same story you just told over and over. BUT I am so happy for you that you found a company that fits you and makes you happy!

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